How to Land Brand Deals for Micro-Influencers

June 21, 2022

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There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to Influencer marketing (the fastest-growing industry in the WORLD) and that new kid is Micro-Influencers. This is a look into who a Micro-Influencer is, and why they’ve been able to steal the center stage when it comes to marketing campaigns in 2022. 

I’m going to be helping you land brand deals as a Micro-Influencer. We’ll cover how many followers a Micro-Influencer has, how much Micro-Influencers get paid and I’ll be sharing how to land brand deals specifically as a Micro-Influencer. 

But first, what is a Micro-Influencer? 

What is a Micro-Influencer?

At Tara Carr, we define ‘Micro Influencers’ as everyday people with a decent following online. Their content revolves around a passion or ‘niche’ and they work to build a trusting relationship with their audience. Influencers should be trustworthy, honest, and relatable to their audience. 

So exactly how many followers does a Micro-Influencer have?

How many followers does a Micro-Influencer have?

In recent years we’ve started to determine different levels that Influencers sit at from micro to macro-Influencers. I’ve heard it defined many ways, but around here we consider a Mirco-Influencer to be anyone with an online following of 3k-50k. 


How much do Micro-Influencers get paid?

Setting your rates as a Micro-Influencer can be a stressful situation. You’re going to have a ‘goal’ rate that you’d like to charge, but you might be scared of pricing too high and losing the job altogether. You’re going to need to find a happy medium. This means setting your rates competitively. 

The biggest factor in setting your rates competitively is your engagement rate. 

The ‘size’ of your following doesn’t mean much if they’re not engaged with you and your content. That’s why engagement rates come first. While your audience size is going to play a role in setting your rates, what your engagement rate is is far more important. 

If you want to learn how to find your engagement rate, read this post next. And if you want to take the guesswork out of setting your rates, download our FREE Influencer Rate and Revenue Calculator

Micro-Influencer Monthly Revenue Projector

Once you know your engagement rate (that post has a lot more helpful tips on setting your rate as well!), you’re going to be able to better understand how much you can charge for a brand collaboration as a Micro-Influencer. 

From here you can read this post all about setting your rates as an Influencer, or you can take out all the guesswork and download my brand new, FREE Influencer Rate and Revenue Calculator HERE. 

This is just a starting point. You’re the only one who’s going to know how ‘good’ your content is, and you’ll always have your own idea of what your content is worth. 

One of the biggest tips I have for influencers who are looking for confirmation that their rates are set correctly and or competitively enough is to always ask your brand partners for feedback on the work you did for them. 

Did you content covert? Did it bring the brand new followers, traffic, or sales? Don’t be scared to ask if they found the collaboration valuable! Whatever the answer is YOU want to know! Brand feedback is a vital part of your Influencer business! Don’t post and ghost! 

How to get brand deals as a Micro-Influencer?

Ok, so that sounds awesome right?! You build up a loyal following online, and by the time you have as few as 2-3,000 people in your community, you can start making money for working with brands! Amazing right?

But when do you start landing brand deals as a Micro-Influencer?  

Influencer Marketing Platforms are a great place to start working with brands…

A few of my favorites are: 

  1. Upfluence
  2. Fohr
  3. HashtagPaid
  4. Aspire IQ
  5. Obviously
  6. Sway Dashboard

But if you’re ready to cut out the fluff and learn exactly how to land consistent and paid brand deals then you are going to need to take my new free class, ‘How to Land Paid Brand Deals’. It’s right there in the title! I’ll also be answering your questions LIVE at the end. 

And don’t forget to join me on Instagram for stories, reels, and more tips to help you land brand deals as a Micro-Influencer → @taradcarr

When you’re done reading this post, read my other helpful Influencer guides!

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