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I'll teach you how to build a sustainable influencer business that goes beyond brand collaborations and affiliate commissions. You're more than just pretty squares. You're a profitable personal brand. 


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I've been creating content online for a long time. I've learned that there's only one thing that sets people apart in this space. It's having a unique voice and message. That's it. period. Find your message, craft your strategy to deliver it, and keep on delivering it until you have people knocking down your door to hear it. 

Unique and profitable business strategy is my passion. Let's find what makes your business tick!

Self-Led Courses

Group Coaching 

Prefer to learn with the energy and collective expertise of other creatives? Project Influence™ the Mastermind is for you! Join us to scale to your highest level of income, influence, and impact. 

1:1 Mentoring

My highest level of support. Includes direct access to me via private coaching sessions where we'll create a unique strategy to increasing and maintaining your highest level of income in your influencer business. 





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The Influencer Blueprint™

My Influencer Course

Ready to turn those pretty squares into a full blown career? This is the course for you girlfriend! We cover all of the systems and strategies myself and my private clients use to continually land four and five figure brand partnerships month after month, create massive revenue from affiliate marketing, and set our businesses up for long term success with our own products and services.

LEARN how to get paid for your content

Get Media kit templates, pitch Deck templates, revenue tracker, content calendar & so much more

Learn how to make money on AUTOPILOT with affiliate marketing

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Project Influence™ the Mastermind

Enrolling June 2022

Ever heard the phrase "Great minds think alike?" Now Imagine a group of female entrepreneurs who consist solely of out of the box thinkers, game-changers, and trend setters. Project Influence™  is for driven female entrepreneurs whose highest priorities are personal growth, massive business success, and financial freedom. In short. It's a vibe, and you're gonna want in on the action. 

6 Months of high level business mentoring

personalized growth and income strategies 

an in-person meet up to network, learn, and connect with your fellow game-changers

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1:1 Private Mentoring

Not sure what isn't working? We can help.

Need a more personal approach? Work better 1:1? No problem. We can work together on a personal business strategy that skips the lines and moves you right to the top of knowing exactly how to turn your business from  "kinda makin it work" to a full blown CEO moment. 

Tara Only Supports 2 Private Clients at a time. Please Inquire for availability.

Personalized business strategy

Private Coaching sessions

direct access to me as your mentor, coach, and personal hype girl!

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I believe in helping people where they are. My goal has always been to share the wealth of knowledge I've amassed over the years as an entrepreneur. I do this on my blog and with lots of free and easily consumable content on my social channels. I trust that those who seek growth will find it in any capacity that fits their circumstances at the time. If growing your income, influence, and impact is something you seek, I urge you to start in whatever way makes sense for you right now!

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Kind Words

I've more than doubled my income by working with Tara! Her strategies are fire!

— mitzi Perkins, content creator @mitziperkinsblog

Tara, your images are just FAB! Thank you again for working with us!

— JP Petrini, Modern PR

Tara's pitch templates are amazing and led to my first paid collaboration! Highly recommend her tips and tricks! 

— briana, content creator @bri.bold

The Tara Carr Promise

What Makes Us Different

I'm not just an influencer strategist, I'm an influencer and blogger too. I walk the walk so I can show you what's possible. My goal is to teach you how to earn at your highest potential through every part of your influencer career, and to set your business up for long-term success by having a pulse on your end game. For me, that's looked like affiliate sales and brand partnerships, courses and digital products, and coaching and mentoring. This is just the beginning! What will your game plan look like? 

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