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3 Non-Negotiable Steps to landing Dream Brand Partnerships as an Influencer

(Even if you have less than 2k followers!)

Influencer Marketing reached
$55 Billion as an industry last year and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

What does that mean for you?! 
It means that not only is there room for you to get paid. There is room for you to get paid well.

I’ve worked with (and have been paid by) dozens of brands for my work as a content creator and have taken note of what works and what doesn't when it comes to landing the deal. 

The truth is... there are only a few things that brands want to see when it comes to hiring an influencer.

 AND...#spoileralert How many followers you have is not even close to the top of that list!

Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned influencer, if you're ready to start getting paid... this is the class for YOU!

This is not going to be one of those classes full of half explanations and vague concepts. You will learn exactly what I do to land paid brand deals consistently!

BONUS: WHEN you save your seat, I'll send you my FREE Customizable media kit template because every paid brand deal starts with a professionally designed media kit!

Hi, I'm Tara

When I launched my influencer business back in 2018 I had a single goal in mind. It was to make money from my content.

With less than 2k followers on Instagram, I hit the ground running and made $5K in my first couple months from brand partnerships. I knew I was on to something.

Today I consistently earn 40k+ per month through brand partnerships, affiliate sales, and my own products & services always using the original framework I started with. Simply put... it works and I can teach it to you so you can start generating more income in your business now.

Are you ready to see what landing your first or landing MORE paid brand deals can do for your business this         

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Ready to start filling your content calendar with dream brand partnerships that are excited to pay you for your content?

Grab a cup of coffee and your fave notebook! It's time to learn...

The three things you must do before pitching any brand for paid work and why they're not as hard as you think they are!

How to get in front of the decision makers when it comes to getting a YES from your dream brands! AND. My secret to landing hotel collabs that no one is using! 

How to build a brand directory of your dream brand contacts. AND my go-to strategy for finding the right contact email every time!



Are you ready ?

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Brands I've Worked With:

"With Tara's guidance I went from earning zero dollars to earning my first $10K as an influencer. Last year I more than doubled that number and it just keeps getting better!"


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The must-have items to have on every Media Kit to stand out amongst the competition. AND how you can create a top tier Media Kit in one afternoon!

The three things that must be included in every pitch email to make sure your pitch gets a response and my upgraded pitch strategy to really seal the deal!

The formula I use to competitively set my rates in a way that brands appreciate, respect, and say YES to!