Is Instagram SEO the Fastest way to grow in 2022?

July 29, 2022

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In a recent post, I talked all about how to treat Instagram like a search engine, and use keywords to help your ideal audience find you and follow you on the platform! I think it’s pretty exciting to be able to learn new ways for people to find you, so that you can work productively towards growing an audience, instead of just posting and ‘hoping’ that people find you. 

Let’s work with Instagram instead of against it, right? 

Well, today I want to talk to you about something that’s come up in my comments and DM’s since my Instagram SEO post. Is treating Instagram like a Search Engine the fastest way to grow in 2022? It makes sense, everyone wants to grow on Instagram and of course, they want to be able to grow quickly.

But let me remind you, you don’t need 50k followers to be successful on Instagram. That’s why as your go-to Influencer Coach, I’m always teaching you about brand partnerships and making money on Instagram – as a micro-influencer. But just because I know you can start monetizing your Instagram now, doesn’t mean I won’t help you do whatever you can to grow on Instagram in 2022.

So taking everything you’ve learned in this post, let’s talk today about how that can help you grow on Instagram in 2022! 

Using SEO on Instagram to Grow in 2022

Part one: Planning ahead

By utilizing Instagram as a Search Engine, you’re changing the way that you’re thinking about and creating your content. Instead of posting on a whim, or trying to come up with a post every day to ‘grow’, you’re doing research and planning out your content in advance. Usually with the help of a content calendar. (Learn more about content calendars here)

When you change the way that you think about Instagram, and you start being more intentional in your posting, you’re going to be better serving your audience. Therefore, yes, you will start growing! 

Your first step is to get really clear on who your ideal audience is. Knowing who your audience is and who you need to reach should come before you ever start creating content! And of course, that 100% ties back into the SEO strategies that we’ve already talked about for Instagram.

I believe this is one of the biggest keys to growing on Instagram in 2022. In the Influencer Blueprint™, I’ve created entire lessons and worksheets about it! Learn more about the Influencer Blueprint™ here.

Part two: Authentically serving your audience

Another thing that comes into play when you start to focus your Instagram content on SEO, is that you’re going to start authentically (and intentionally) serving your audience. You’re going to become a resource for your audience and chances are, they’re going to save and share a lot more of your posts. Getting engagement will always help you grow on Instagram. 

With SEO in mind, each post that you share should solve a problem, answer a question, or inspire action. Your posts should be centered around what your ideal audience is searching for. That way when new people search for those terms, they’ll land on your content, find it valuable, and hit those ‘share’ and ‘follow’ buttons.

Planning your topics ahead of time and choosing topics that will genuinely serve your audience are definitely side effects of using SEO on Instagram and will most definitely, help you grow on Instagram. 

Part three: New people can find you!

Finally, the 3rd way that SEO is going to help you grow on Instagram is through new people finding you. That’s the whole point of SEO anyway! You want to come up in search results when your ideal audience is searching.

And when those people land on your page and see a page full of helpful and inspiring content, they’re going to follow you! They’ll also be more likely to share that content on their stories or with their friends, which will keep expanding your reach.

So while SEO might not be the immediate key to growth on Instagram, it’s definitely one of the key ways that you can grow on Instagram in 2022. SEO is going to help you plan your content, authentically serve your audience and of course, it’s going to help new users find you! 

Make sure that you’re creating content with SEO in mind! And don’t get scared of SEO – it’s simple to get started today. Learn more here

Instagram shouldn’t be something that you’re struggling with – not when there are incredible resources out there to help you start growing the right way! Resources like my updated course, The Influencer Blueprint™.

Ready to earn a thriving, sustainable income as a full-time Content Creator?

You’re in the right spot, sis!

Learn more about the Influencer Blueprint™here!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram → @taradcarr. Comment your biggest questions about SEO on Instagram, or simply ask me questions about how YOU can grow on Instagram this year. I’m your go-to Influencer Coach!

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