What is a Pitch Deck Used For?

June 15, 2022

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Did you know that having a pitch deck will set you apart from other Influencers when you’re landing paid brand deals? But… what exactly is a brand partnership pitch deck used for? And when should you send it to brands? In this guide, I’m answering all of these questions. 

Make sure to stick around until the end of today’s post! Because I am giving you the EXACT pitch deck template that I use to pitch brands for my Influencer business every month. This is normally sold in my shop, but as a thank you for reading and supporting my blog, you’re getting it for free.

A pitch deck is used as the final step when pitching a brand. You’ll use a pitch deck to share ideas, prices, and content inspiration with a brand. If you’re wondering when to send a pitch deck, read this! 

What should a pitch deck have?

Luckily, a brand partnership pitch deck AKA pitch deck can (and should) follow a pretty specific formula. This formula can be repeated easily by using a template, that’s going to help you save time when pitching and reaching out to brands. (don’t forget you can steal my exact pitch template at the bottom of this post!) 

You should include the following elements in your brand partnership pitch deck:

  • A BRIEF WELCOME/INTRODUCTION. Remember, at this stage you’ve already sent the brand your media kit. They should already know a bit about your brand and audience. Make sure that you only include relevant information in this pitch deck.
  • SHORT ‘ABOUT YOU’ SECTION. Include one paragraph about yourself and why you’d love to work with this brand. Think of this section as a very short cover letter. 
  • IDEAS FOR THE COLLABORATION. Here is where you’re really going to showcase your ideas! If your idea includes a Reel, you can add a similar reel you’ve done in the past for another brand. When using the pitch deck template I’ve shared with you – Canva will now allow you to hyperlink to the reels you want to showcase OR actually upload them to the document! 
  • CONTENT EXAMPLES. After showcasing your ideas, share some examples of what the content will look like with the brand. This helps them to have clear expectations of what you’re doing to deliver. 
  • SHARE RELEVANT DEMOGRAPHICS. The brand has already seen your media kit – so use this page to showcase only the demographics that are relevant to this brand and this campaign. 
  • LINKS. In the end, share links for the brand to find your social media and website. Always make it easy for the brand by giving them all the information, without having to ask you for anything. 

Is a pitch deck necessary?

brand partnership pitch deck

Is it important to send a brand partnership pitch deck to companies that you want to work with? The short answer is yes. Having a pitch deck is going to really help you STAND OUT when pitching brands. 

For a longer answer, let’s dive into why having a pitch deck is necessary for landing brand partnerships with large, national brands! 

Imagine that you work for a National Brand as their Marketing Manager. And it’s your job to find relevant influencers for an upcoming product launch. You have people in your inbox proposing to take pictures of the product… but you don’t have anyone coming up with real ideas for the campaign. Not only do you have to read through all of those emails, but you’re also tasked with coming up with new, fresh, and exciting campaign ideas… exhausting.

But then,  an Influencer sends you a pitch deck, loaded with content ideas including the specific concepts they have carefully developed for your brand examples of this content, and prices you can compare with your budget. 

They’ve basically done your job for you! And by taking so much work off your plate, they’re going to be an obvious choice for your campaign launch, not to mention, top of the list for your campaigns.

While you might not feel like you always need to have a pitch deck, it truly is going to help you stand out! 

What should be in a partnership pitch deck?

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand what should be in your brand partnership pitch deck. If you’re wondering what makes a pitch deck great, read this. 

Psst… don’t forget you can download my pitch deck template with pages already created and designed for your next pitch.

So, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and wondering what should go into a brand partnership pitch deck, I’ve got you covered. You can steal the exact template that I use to pitch brands for my Influencer business every month. Grab the template here

If you have questions about pitching a brand using a pitch deck, come hang out with me on Instagram! I’ll be answering your questions there @taradcarr

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