What Makes a Great Pitch Deck?

June 17, 2022

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In this guide, I’m going to be helping you make a great pitch deck. There are some elements that should always go into your brand pitch deck and a few things you should definitely leave out! This post will help you customize your own pitch deck template to land paid brand deals. 

Keep reading until the end because I am giving away the exact pitch deck template that I use to pitch and work with new, national brands every month. 

When should you send a pitch deck? Read this to find out! 

What makes a pitch deck stand out?

The good news is that a pitch deck can (and should) follow a pretty specific formula. You need to tell a story, paint out your vision, know the metrics and sell the brand on working with YOU! But you also need to cut out the fluff. Don’t overfill your pitch deck with data and information that the brand doesn’t need. 

Your pitch deck needs to be specific for the brand you want to work with. So anything that isn’t relevant should be removed. 

The number one thing that makes your pitch deck stand out is the creatives and examples of content that you share with the brand! Show the brand what you can do, and make sure that aligns with what they’re looking for in a collaboration. 

How do you make an awesome pitch deck?

pitch deck template

You can start making an awesome pitch deck by researching the brand well. While doing your research, look for a few specific things:

  • What influencers have they worked with in the past? 
  • What’s their brand aesthetic and what kind of content do they often share with their socials? 
  • Do they have a recent campaign that’s content resonates with you?

Since you’re going to be sharing your own ideas with the brand in the pitch deck, you want to make sure that you know the kind of content that they’re going to love. Once your research is done, you need to choose visual examples for the campaign. 

Visuals make your pitch deck stand out! You can include photos and videos that you’ve created for brands in the past. This will give the brand ideas on how you can recreate this content for them. 

When you’re at this point in the pitch, it’s all about the content that you can deliver. That’s why ‘examples’ of content are so important.

Give the brand options

Beyond giving the brand content options and visuals, you’re also going to give them packages. 

pitch deck template

Examples of packages could look like this:

  • Stories
  • Stories + a feed post
  • Feed post + Reel
  • Reel + blog post
  • Reel + blog post + Idea pins
  • The whole package (stories, reel, posts, and a blog post) 

Whichever content and packages you feel confident and comfortable offering, add them to your pitch deck. You’ll also want to share specific content ideas for each package! 

These two things, packages, and example content are going to help your pitch deck stand out! Adding these things to your pitch deck is going to make you an easy choice for the brand. They’ll have a clear picture of what you’re going to deliver and what it will cost them. 

Free Pitch deck template download

Just like I promised, I am giving you a free pitch deck template! It’s the exact pitch template that I use to pitch brands every month, so I know that this pitch template works. 

Make sure to download your copy of my Free Pitch Deck Template HERE

What questions do you have about pitching brands and working with pitch decks? Let’s connect on Instagram where you can ask me questions and get live answers in my stories and reels. You’ll find me @taradcarr

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