Life Long Friendships + The Cutest Boho Baby Shower!

February 20, 2019

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Eek! I’m so excited to share this blog with Y’all! Last weekend I got to host a baby shower at my house for my sweet friend of over 30 years! Can you believe that? It seriously made me feel really old to type 30 years but to be fair we’ve literally known each other our whole lives! We grew up cheerleading together in the same small town that our dads also grew up playing football together in! I can wholeheartedly say she is my oldest and dearest friend! 🙂

I wanted to write this blog to of course share all the adorable baby shower pics with you, but also to talk a little bit about friendships and how, just like life, they can have seasons of closeness and of distance, but true friendships can and do last a lifetime.

A Little Back Story:

As I said, Ash (The mama to be!) and I have known each other our whole lives. We practically lived together in High school… I mean like every night at each other’s house! Mostly hers because her mom was a lot more lenient than my dad. LOL. Love you, Lisa!! Then, as friends do, we grew up, went our separate ways after high school and both started building our lives. Here’s the thing though, and how you can tell if you have a real friendship. We always came together for major events in each other’s lives! She was my maid of honor at my wedding. The first person I called when I found out I was pregnant with Rylee… That turned into me freaking out and the two of us taking a very impromptu trip to Mexico, so I could process the whole becoming a mom thing. True Story. There’s more to that story that involves my car getting searched at the border — but that’s for another time. Don’t worry. It was a routine stop, and we were back on our merry little way in like thirty minutes. Still terrifying though! OK… where was I, so not only was she the first person I called when I found out I was pregnant, but she was at the hospital for the birth of both of my babies! I was also there for her when she got married last year and will most certainly be at the birth of her sweet little Arielle!

Baby Shower Time!

When she called to tell me she was pregnant, I legit was so excited for her! And even though I hadn’t seen her in almost a year, I knew right away that I wanted to host her baby shower! She, of course, accepted my offer and the rest is history! Myself, her adorable cousin, and Ash’s mama pulled off the cutest shower, and Ash had the best time! We had a huge turnout, almost 30 guests, the cutest cake and cookies, tons of swag for baby Arielle, and lots of love, laughter, and of course friendship!

Final Thoughts on Friendship

I want to encourage you to reach out to a friend this week, old or new. Maybe it’s someone who you haven’t seen in years, or perhaps it’s someone who you just met, but you know that you’ll be great friends for a long time! Life can definitely get busy, and stressful, and it’s easy to put things (even friends) on the back burner. Don’t worry though. We all do it, and the real friends 100% understand and will be ready and waiting for you with open arms when you reach out! PROMISE!

Also! Shout out to our other OG bestie!! Love You Amy! 🙂

Outfit Details: Floral Maxi Maternity Dress/ Rebecca Taylor Ikat Floral Wrap Dress / Taupe Block Heel Open toe Mules! 

Highlights From the Baby Shower!

  • It was Boho themed so we had tons of pink and green everything! Lot’s of fresh flowers, cactuses, and floral decorations throughout! I also bought super cute printables from Etsy! 
  • I had the cake and cookies made to match the decorations and they were perfect! The lady who makes them lives in my neighborhood and can make anything you want! Just send her a pic and she can totally do it! Here’s her insta!  
  • We had a Momosa Bar that was a huge hit!
  • Instead of traditional games we had a headband making station! It’s so easy and fun! You jut buy the headbands, bows, or flowers and set them all out with glue guns for people to casually make their own headbands for the baby! So fun!

Alright! That’s it ladies! Hope you got some inspo for your next baby shower and are feeling all the feels about your best girlfriends!



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