Spring Decor Refresh with Pottery Barn

February 26, 2019

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Can I just say that I love spring! I know I say this with every season, but I seriously love spring! There’s just something about the transition from freezing my butt off to that first glimmer of a bright sunny day! Let me be clear though. That glimmer has not shown its face yet here in Houston. I’m coming to you today from a bundled up position on my couch where I’ve been most of this dreary, cold, and rainy week. #Texasweather is evil and cares nothing about me needing to shoot bright, airy, and fun spring looks for you guys! BUT!! I did venture out to Pottery Barn this week and decided to gather some super cute decor ideas for ya! Just because it’s still all drab and ughhhh out doesn’t mean we can’t prep for all the colorful spring things coming our way! #amiright?

But First! Let’s Start with Some Decorating Dilemas… Shall we?!?

I know that for some, transitioning your decor from one season to the next can seem daunting. You’re all. UH… I just spent a ton of money on Christmas decor, what makes you think I wanna splurge on Spring decor just to have to take it all down and then spend on summer decor and then BAM we’re back at Fall! I hear ya sister, and I’m right there with ya! AND! That’s why I’m a huge fan of buying pieces that mostly can last a few seasons… well, at least more than one! Don’t worry! I’ve got you! I’m gonna break this down into FIVE easy things you can do to Spruce up your home for Spring along with my recommendations on what you can do to make sure these items will last you into Summer! Here we go!

FIVE Easy Things You Can Do to Spruce Up Your Home For Spring!


Number 1: Accent Pillows & Throw Blankets!

Accent pillows and throw blankets are some of the easiest and least expensive things you can switch out from season to season to give your home a pop of fresh color! I rotate mine around a lot! I like to put the newer or seasonal ones on our main sofa or on our two sitting chairs in the living room. With accent pillows and throw blankets, I would try to stay in the same family of colors as your normal decor. This allows you to use them in other areas throughout your home when you’re ready to switch them out! Don’t be afraid of a new or different color that is in the same family but that you may not have incorporated yet! If you’re unsure of what colors would go with your decor you can always grab a color wheel and find colors that fit your decor and style!

I’m loving the pinks, blues, greys, and creams of the accent pillows and throw blankets at Pottery Barn right now! I love the soft pastel palette! Perfect for spring! 

Number 2: Florals!

Nothing says Spring like a bunch of gorgeous flowers! I’m a huge fan of filling my home with a mixture of fresh and faux flowers! If you’ve been around here a while then you know my love for fresh flowers runs deep! I legit believe that fresh flowers in your home can instantly brighten your mood! It’s science… just do it! 🙂 I know that fresh flowers can sort of be a hassle though. You gotta water them and they can get expensive! That’s why I like to mix in some faux flowers and plants too!  I like to move mine around my house at the start of a new season just to freshen things up a bit! So the arrangement that’s been in the bedroom for a few months goes to the kitchen and the living room arrangement might go to a bathroom! Just play around with it! Another thing I do is grab some faux stems in a seasonal color (that still matches the rest of my decor) and sprinkle them around the house to keep the Spring decor running throughout our home.

I love the quality of the faux flowers and greenery at Pottery Barn! So bright, pretty, and very realistic! 

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Number 3: Bed Linens! 

I love to change out my bed linens to mark the beginning of a new season! One of my biggest tips ever is to make small changes that make a huge impact! Things like changing the pillows, the sheets, or even just the quilt can totally change the feel of the whole room! I’m also a huge fan of building on your decor (This is a tip I learned from an associate at Pottery Barn actually!) So you start with your base layers like your sheets, duvet, and maybe a few accent pillows. Then each season you can add something to it or switch it out with a new layer! Layers make your bed feel super luxurious and comfy like a hotel! Think about starting at the bottom and then building up in layers to the headboard!

Pottery Barn does this technique exceptionally well and the associates working in store will teach how to do it! It legit changed how I feel about my bed! I get compliments all the time on how I make my bed! My friends lovingly call it my department store bed! Also! All bedding is 40% off right now at PB!


Number 4: Table Settings!

A Holiday themed table setting is an easy way to incorporate a new season in your home! It’s always fun to pick up a few spring plates, napkins, or a fresh new table runner! You can keep it simple with just a few items and then fill out the rest with what you already have. For instance, you can layer plates on a table in your primary colors and then top with a new spring dish or napkin! You can also do a runner in a color in something reusable like a classic white and then add a fresh new spring centerpiece to pull it all together! If you’re a candle lover like me, You can invest in white candle stands that will go from season to season and just switch out the candle with colors or scents to match the season!

Pottery Barn has the cutest Spring table accents right now! Lots of bunnies, florals, and transitional pieces that you’ll season every year! AND! All Tabletop is 20% off right now! Yay! 



Number 5: Bathroom Refresh!

I love to freshen up my powder bath! Things like new towels, a great candle, and even a new rug will definitely do the trick! My home is mostly white and grey so I love to get new, bright white towels! A good tip is to keep your base colors the same and then you can add a new seasonal color or piece on top of it. You can also just switch out things like the hand towel! Another great bathroom trick is to add a spring scented candle and some spring florals to freshen it up and make give it all the Spring feels!

I’m a huge fan of Pottery Barn’s bath towels as well as their throw rugs for the bathroom! 

Ok, ladies! That’s it for the Spring refresh with Pottery Barn! I hope you found some inspo for your spring decor!



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