My Fitness Journey With Faster Way to Fat Loss

February 19, 2019

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Last week I told you guys all about the 6-week program I’m doing with Faster Way to Fat Loss! I’m currently in week 1 of 6 (last week was a prep week), and so far I’m loving it! I had a lot of questions from you guys about what the program entails, how it works, and why I chose this program over others, so I thought the easiest thing to do would be to write it out in a blog so all the info would be in one place!

My Fitness Background

So here we go! First off, some of you probably know that my background is actually in fitness. I was a personal trainer and nutrition coach for several years before I launched my blog! I got a lot of questions about why I would join a group fitness/nutrition program when I essentially know what to do already. Well, the short answer is… even coaches need coaches. LOL! Just because I have the ability to plan fitness programs and nutrition protocols for others, it doesn’t automatically mean I can do it for myself. I know what I like and don’t like, and I tend to be biased when setting my regimens so it’s best for me to have a coach to make me do the things that I don’t wanna. :))

Let’s Breakdown the Program

OK. So let’s talk about what the program is and isn’t, and I’ll tell you why I chose this one amongst many others! Over the years I’ve tried, tested, and applied many different approaches when it comes to my fitness and nutrition. And. To be honest. Most of them work. It’s a matter of can you stick to them, do you enjoy them, and is it sustainable that makes the most difference. One protocol that I first started about four years ago was macro tracking. I tried it, loved it, and have been doing some variation of it ever since. There’s of course been times that I’ve eased up and didn’t track my macros for several months, but always felt comfortable jumping back in when I wanted to tighten things up with my nutrition! What I love about FWTFL is she combines my tried and true macro tracking with a few other protocols that work incredibly well! The program is a combo of Macros, Carb Cycling, and Intermittent Fasting. All of which I have tried at different times in my life and saw success with each!

Why I Choose Faster Way to Fat Loss

Real quick… before we move on. If you’re reading this and thinking… “Um… that’s nice and all but I’ve never tried or even heard of any of those”… Don’t feel like this can’t work for you! One of the main reasons FWTFL caught my attention was the amount of support and learning material that is provided to new clients. Just check out the websites FAQ section, and you’ll get a glimpse of how invested the owner of the program is in your success! Plus, once you’re actually in, you have a ton of resources to make sure you’re up to speed before day 1! There’s even an entire prep week to make sure you know exactly what’s going on and when!

Alright, moving on! So there’s the nutrition part which I mentioned above, and honestly, if you just did that, you would see amazing results. But, there’s also a fitness portion that is included with the program that will accelerate your results. It combines HIIT, Strength Days, and Active Rest Days – for the perfect 5-day program that is not going to take hours per day to do! She really has a well thought out program that pulls the best elements from several proven protocols and combines them in a way that gets results fast!

I have to admit, that when fitness stopped being my job, it kinda fell by the wayside for me. I spent so many years working out for hours every day because well… it was my job. But, that eventually caught up with me and burn out set in. For about the last year or so, I’ve been pretty inconsistent with my diet and exercise. By the end of 2018, I started to feel the weight gain creep in on me and I knew I needed to prioritize my fitness again to feel and look my best! My goal here with you guys is to always be honest with what I’m doing and going through — so let me just say… I’ve let myself get to a place that I’m just not happy with. To be clear though. I 100% love and accept my body in all its shapes and forms! LOL. I’ve weighed more, weighed less, had way more muscle tone, and have had way less too. I’m just really happy that I know when enough is enough and that I’ve made a commitment to get back to a place that makes me feel good!

Join Me!

So! If you’re in the same boat. Or not. Or are just interested to see what all of this Faster Way to Fat Loss hoopla is about… Then feel free to join me! (Actually, this round has already started, so you’ll have to wait till March 11th for the next one!) Or… If you just wanna follow along with me, be sure to check my stories on Instagram! I’ll be sharing all the things like my meals, my workouts, my successes, and my inevitable setbacks!! It’ll all be there for you to check out if you so chose! ALSO! Just wanted to say that this post is in no way sponsored by FWTFL. I genuinely chose this program for myself after seeing some other lovely ladies post about it and decided it was for me! I’m sharing with you because I am LOVING it so far and have high hopes for the next 6 weeks!!

As always! Feel free to reach out with your questions! I’m always happy to help and to answer anything I can! 🙂

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