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July 25, 2019

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The questions that I get asked most frequently on social media or through my blog are always about my hair. Most common are, “Is your hair naturally that thick?” “What products do you use to get all that Volume?”, and funny enough, “Is your hair real?”

Welp. My hair isn’t all that thick… I just have a lot of it, I swear by quality products, which I share about all the time, and… Why, Yes, my hair is real! I have, however, been wanting to get extensions for some time… so stay tuned for that!

So, Back To These Products.

Quality shampoos and conditioners can indeed make a world of difference in how your hair looks, feels, and behaves. Yes, hair can misbehave just like a naughty two-year-old. And, if you’ve ever dealt with a naughty two-year-old, you know that… ain’t nobody got time for tantrums, whining, or fly-aways.

Most of the products I use work to keep my hair healthy and to protect my color while providing volume and shine. Which are both great things, but what I didn’t know I needed until recently, was a product geared toward thinning hair and a healthier scalp!

I don’t know when exactly I started noticing that my hair was thinning around my temples, but it was all of a sudden. One day I had the most hair on the block, and the next I was looking pretty thin in pictures while wearing my hair pulled back. I’m not even gonna mention the massive amounts of hair on the bathroom floor or in the shower. Call it age, hormones, or whatever you like, but when my husband noticed it too, I knew I needed to find a product to get this under control.

Enter Foligain.

Foligain is a triple-action complete formula for women with thinning or fine hair who want to add new life back to their hair and scalp. The formula contains 10% Trioxidil, which is a hair health complex with bioactive ingredients that promote fuller-looking hair.

Foligain is super easy to use. You apply four sprays onto the scalp, once daily, and directly onto the areas of your hair that you feel like are thinning. The formula works best when combined with the Foligain stimulating shampoo and conditioner which are both formulated to work with the Triple Action Complete Formula! Foligain also makes a hair and scalp roller that uses micro-needling technology to help deliver the products deeper into your scalp! The roller helps to stimulate new hair growth, remove dead skin cells, and rejuvenate your scalp!


Here’s a list of key benefits of the Foligain product line!

  • Hair Looks Stronger, Thicker, and Fuller!
  • Helps Improve Scalp Health! (Bye Bye Dry Winter Scalp!)
  • Contains Revitalizing Nutrients!
  • Clinically Studied ingredients!
  • Contains Biotin, Fruit Stem Cells, Herbals, and Extracts!

What I love most about this line of hair care products is that I can use it in conjunction with my other tried and true products. I use the Foligain Shampoo and Conditioner twice per week, the Triple Action Complete Formula daily (4 Sprays at night, massage in, then sleep in it!), and the hair and scalp roller as often as I remember! (Usually in the shower!)

They’re seriously such a simple addition, and I feel good about the fact that I’m delivering healthy nutrients to my hair and scalp as well as being proactive about stopping my hair from thinning to the point that makes me uncomfortable.

The complete system is super affordable (about as much as you’d pay for salon-quality products) And! If you’re a Texas girl like me, you can buy all the products mentioned above at H-E-B! Yay! If you’re not from Texas, the complete system is available on Amazon and at Foligain.Com.

Thank you to Foligain for sponsoring this post!



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  1. Renee says:

    Love that you shared this bc you know my hair is my life!!!

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