Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Guide: 2019

July 12, 2019

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Alright, guys! It’s here! The biggest and most anticipated Sale of the YEAR! The Nordstrom Aniversary Sale!  If you’re not familiar with the N Sale… first off… where have you been?!? And 2nd… Don’t worry boo. I got YOU!

OK. First things first. What is it? And why do you want to jump on it quick?

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a sale that happens once a year, in mid-summer, where Nordstrom marks down 1000’s of items to get us all prepped and ready for… yep, you guessed it…Fall! Think of it as an end of summer shopping spree where you can get a head start on your Fall wardrobe at seriously discounted prices! I know right!!

Each summer, Nordstrom releases a killer sale catalog with so many amazing items including women’s Fall fashion, activewear, kids back to school, Men’s, jewelry, shoes, accessories, beauty and so much more! The sale is structured by giving cardmembers early access and then releasing access to the public at later dates!

Here’s a list of important dates you’re gonna wanna remember if you want to make the most of this sale! 

7/9: Level 4 Cardmembers Get to Pre-Shop the Sale In-Store Only! (Ahemm… Big spenders!)

7/12 -7/18: Cardmembers Get to Shop the Sale In-Store and Online! ( The rest of us! lol)

Not a cardmember! Don’t worry! It’s free and easy and there’s still time to get one for early access sale shopping! ** Highly recommended because things sell out so fast!

7/19 – 8/04: The Sale Opens to the Public! ( Most popular items are sold out!)

8/05: Prices Increase!

So here’s the deal! If you’ve been eyeing a leather moto jacket or a great pair of Fall boots but haven’t wanted to spring for the price tag that can come with a name brand or designer items..well’s the perfect time to snag them! The prices are seriously so good and this sale is the only time I see some of my favorite brands discounted this deeply!

Here are a few tips to keep this sale fun and not so overwhelming!

  1. Browse the catalog first and make a list of the things you want to snag! A list and a plan are key so you don’t get overwhelmed with all the items!
  2. If you don’t already have the Nordstrom Card – Maybe consider grabbing it for early access! I’m telling you if you LOVE it, other people will too and it will sell out! Also. The Cardmember perks are pretty amazing! If you shop at Nordstrom regularly it’s a must-have!
  3. The best way to shop the sale, in my opinion, is online! The stores will be crazy crowded, parking is usually a nightmare, and who doesn’t like shopping at home in their jammies! #Amiright?? Once the sale is live you can shop online here. Also. ProTip: Checkout more than once if you’re buying a lot of items! Just letting things sit in your cart while you browse will result in sold out items! Not fun!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy this sale as much as I do and I hope you find my picks helpful! Keep your eyes on my stories to see my in-store Try-on on 7/12! I’ll also be sharing all my purchases and putting together outfits for ya throughout the week and weekend in my stories!

Enjoy Babes! 

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