Keeping My Family’s Health in My Hands with Medici

August 26, 2019

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Thank you Medici for sponsoring this post. Medici connects doctors and patients in an easy to use app!

Traveling has become the norm for my little family. Whether it be for work, sports, or recreation, we are a family on the go. Matt’s business takes him all around the world, while mine has me on a plane quite often as well. Not to mention both of our daughters play sports that have us in an airport or our car racking up those road trip miles almost every weekend.

We’ve been quite lucky in the area of staying healthy while traveling, but there have been times that one of us has gotten sick or hurt while away from home, and those times are never fun. The fact of the matter is, it does happen, and when it does your options can be quite limited and very costly.

Recently, I heard about Medici, an app that connects doctors with patients securely from their phones. The app allows you to chat with your doctor at any time to get medical advice, have a prescription sent to your local pharmacy, or even have a quick diagnosis made through the video chat feature.

The App Is A No Brainer for Me…

Especially for our daughters who, being competitive athletes, tend to get tweaks, sprains, and breaks more often than we would like. Having our orthopedic a text or video chat away gives me such peace of mind. I know that if they gets hurt while at an out of town game or meet, we can connect with our doctor right away. I also know that if we have questions about an injury while one of them is recovering, all we need to do to get our concerns addressed is go to our app.

Now, of course, there are times when things can be severe, and you would want to make the trip in, but for the times when you physically can not go in, you just need a quick question answered, or need immediate advice, Medici is going to be your go to…because receiving healthcare should never be frustrating. #Amiright?

A Few Highlights And Features of The App!

  • You can connect not only with your doctor, but with your vet, therapist, and dentist too
  • Avoid waiting rooms
  • Save time & money
  • Get answers faster
  • Text & video chat are available
  • E-prescriptions
  • No insurance Necessary (Most providers charge a simple consult fee!)
  • The app keeps a detailed history of your messages all in one place

Medici is for sure one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” apps, and I foresee it being a tool that my family uses often for many of our health care needs. Honestly, If this had been around when my girls were babies, I would have saved myself dozens of trips to the pediatrician! If it’s something you could see benefiting you or your family, I would highly encourage you to download the free app here! Technology has been able to enhance our daily lives in so many ways. I think that quick and convenient healthcare is a massive step in the right direction, and I, for one, am so here for it!








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