How to Style a Denim Jacket All Summer

May 21, 2019

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Let’s talk denim jackets, shall we? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that denim jackets are back in a big way! They might just be the trendiest trend right now… well, unless you’re counting the scrunchie comeback which, IMO, is the next best accessory to the denim jacket. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that these two kinda go hand-in-hand, and if I’m wrong? Well… I don’t care because they have been making their way into almost all of my summer looks and I ain’t mad about it, y’all!

Even in the heat of summer, I’m still quick to throw on one of my denim jackets because it adds a little pop to my outfit, is great at defining my waist in a dress and, lets face it, some shops and venues get so cold from air conditioning that it’s always really nice to have that added layer. If that layer happens to be adorable and on-trend – bonus!

Not only are denim jackets available at almost every retailer on the planet, but they’re also sticking around season after season because they can be worn, like, a million ways. I like to wear my denim jackets over my shoulders, tied around my waist (my favorite way to wear them), or paired with tops and dresses that are strapless or have minimal support. My trick is to buy a jacket slightly oversized that sits right above the hip so it can be worn over most anything!

And, because denim can get pretty costly, I wanted to spotlight a few of my favorite brands that are super affordable and totally worth the investment as they will pair perfectly with your summer dresses, rompers, and short sets.

Enjoy, babes!

Madewell Jean Jacket

Madewell’s Jean Jacket in Pinter Wash comes in both petite and regular sizes, is machine-washable, and has two interior pockets which are great for lipsticks and other lady things.  It’s 100% made from premium cotton and wears like a dream! At $118, it is a tad pricey, but you will be able to wear this classic-cut denim for-basically-ever.

J. Crew Denim Jacket

This less-costly (on sale from $128 to just $89.99) Eco Denim Jacket by J. Crew is great over a vintage tee and is one of the most comfortable pieces of denim that I’ve found. It is cut perfectly for layering and has somewhat of an 80s vibe to it. Also… did I mention it’s on sale?!

Abercrombie Denim Jacket

The Women’s Denim Jacket by Abercrombie is my personal go-to. It fits great, is great quality, and is only $88! Available in a medium wash and black, I feel like this would have been a jacket John Lennon would have approved of. It’s a grab-and-go staple that can hit the laundry after a day of wear. I get so many compliments in this jacket and, I’m telling you, it’s worth way more than the $88 I splurged.

American Eagle Denim Jacket

American Eagle offers their AE Classic Denim Jacket for $59, but don’t let the price worry you. This inexpensive jacket is made with just as much quality as its costly counterparts and, some might say, has more style as well. I love the tears and frays mixed in with the soft denim. It’s the perfect length to mix and match with almost any outfit and it’s machine washable.

Alright! That’s it for denim talk today but I’ve linked all these up for you below along with a few others I think you’ll like!

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