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August 4, 2018

I’m Tara.
 I'm an influencer strategy expert, the host of Project Influence the Podcast, and the founder of Creator Cube™, a co-creating space for content creators. 
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Are you struggling in your online business right now? I know so many women who have huge goals and aspirations for themselves and their online businesses but they are STUCK.

Stuck with tons of ideas and passion but are facing a huge mountain that they just can’t seem to overcome. That mountain that’s in the way of so many otherwise successful women is a little thing called FEAR.  For most of us, our online businesses require us to show up and SHARE our lives with our audience.

????It means posting DAILY.

????It means coming up with IDEAS and TOPICS we think others want to see and hear about.

????It means taking PICTURES of our daily lives, uploading those pictures, and then actually pushing the POST button.

Look, I get it. It can be overwhelming, and scary, and bring up all sorts of crazy feelings like…..

“What if they don’t like it”…

“What if they don’t like me”…….

“What if they roll their eyes and unfollow me and think who the heck is she to call herself a leader??”

OK OK OK… First of all.  Take a deep breath and know I GET IT! We all have these feelings. It’s just part of being human. I also know that you don’t want to hear that you should just get over it and show up anyway.

So…. rest assured I’m not going to tell you that because I know that it’s way easier said than done. The truth is- that it takes time. It takes time to feel comfortable enough in your own skin to not care what others may think. It takes time to realize that not everyone is going to relate to what we have to say and that’s ok! It takes time to understand that most of our insecurities are created in our own heads and aren’t shared by others at all.

And last but not least it takes time to realize that the ones who share your vision will stick around to support you and the ones who don’t… well they’ll find another corner of the internet that suits them and that is 100% ok! In fact… it’s actually the best possible scenario.

So if all of this takes time to sort through, what the heck should you do in the meantime?? Well, I’m all about the practical advice so here’s a few little hacks I’ve used to get over my own mountain. Hopefully it helps you to get over yours too.

Advice on Helping Achieve Your Goals

  1. Set a goal for yourself and stick to it. Maybe it’s posting once a week at first or just committing to doing a video or live stream once per month. Then, you can gradually increase from there once you feel comfortable.
  2. Turn off notifications on your social. It’s always best practice to comment back to someone who leaves you a comment but if every little ding or lack there off is going to get to you, just turn them off. Set a time once a day to check your social and be committed to being ok with whatever is there or not there.
  3. Try to think of posting your journey as a way of leaving a virtual scrapbook for your kids. Most of us don’t keep a journal like our mothers or grandmothers did so our social accounts hold the memories and life events we want to share with our children one day. This will motivate you to share all the truly authentic parts of your life with the world.

And…if all else fails just remember. We’re all here for the same reason. To be happy and successful people. Make sure you use your platform to reach those goals and everything else will fall into place! Guaranteed!

P.S. If you’ve been quietly watching from the sidelines and thinking…“Hey! I’d really like to ask her what she’s up to!” Or “Hmmm… I think I could do that too!” Or “I wonder just how much income an online business would generate for me and my family??”

All you gotta do is ask! I’m here to help YOU and to guide YOU down the path of creating whatever your heart desires for YOU and YOUR family!


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