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August 13, 2018

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So there I was in the middle of the grocery store trying to remember how to grocery shop for school lunches. Call it mom brain, call it summer vacay is over and I don’t even know how to “school” right now, or just plain call it I don’t really wanna do this so soon, can we please have another week of summer break to prepare properly for this giant life change?!

Whatever you wanna call it, I had to snap out of it quickly because school is, in fact, starting tomorrow and I have to get back on the school bus so to speak.

I’m actually really good at making sure my kids eat somewhat healthy. I’m kind of a healthy living advocate so this all makes sense…. But summer is an “anything goes” zone, you know?

Like, did my kid eat Campbell’s chicken noodle soup for breakfast? Yeah, I think she did. And was a bag of popcorn their lunch for maybe three days in a row last week? Uh huh. Yes, it was. Oh, and let’s not forget that one day this summer when they politely reminded me that when we have our first meal after 12pm that I, nor anyone else, should call it breakfast. #supermom

Let’s stop talking about how summer turns my house into a slightly upgraded version of a college dorm room, and focus on what we got at the grocery store once I finally snapped out of my daze and remembered how to “mom.” K?

So, as I said, I like to make sure my kids are eating as healthy as they can without us or them going crazy. There was a time when I was super strict with their diet and while it was great to be that focused on our food choices, it really wasn’t that sustainable. I’ve now adopted an approach that is a little more laid back, allows them to enjoy their lives and enjoy the foods they love, and overall gives them the freedom to make choices for themselves (with my guidance of course!).

Here’s a little peek at what a typical week’s worth of groceries looks like for us. Matt is traveling this week for work, so it is a tad less than what I would buy if he were home, but nothing would really change other than the quantity of meat that I bought.

As you can see, I like to focus on proteins (not pictured because meat is not very pretty to photograph #sorrynotsorry!), fruits, and veggies! I still leave room for some snacks and some not-so-healthy fun stuff that my kids enjoy like cereal or fruit snacks!

Some of our fave brands that we are really loving right now are Amy’s, Siggi’s, and Dave’s Killer Bread! Amy’s makes a ton of things, but my girls really love the frozen entrees that they make. They are great in a pinch for dinner if we are short on time. Tons of gluten- and dairy-free options, healthy ingredients, and lots of organic options as well. My girls LOVE the cheese enchiladas and the chili mac bowls!

Siggi’s is a great yogurt choice if your kids love yogurt! I love that they have whole milk and fat-free options, very minimal sugar, and a short ingredient list! We love to get the vanilla one and add our own toppings like fruit, cereal, or granola. YUM!

Dave’s Killer Bread is a brand that I’d seen around for a while and had heard great things about but hadn’t tried it as I’d had little success with getting my kiddos to like “healthy bread.” I eat a gluten-free sprouted bread that I LOVE, but Matt and the girls were not so impressed with it. We finally gave Dave’s a try and it has been a winner! Matt and the girls love it. There are a few different kinds but we like the “White Bread Done Right” version. Great for sandwiches, toast, or grilled cheeses. I also love a brand with a cool backstory and this brand definitely has one!

Some other things we can’t live without are cucumbers, watermelon, pasture-raised eggs, raspberries, pears, apples, and Lara bars! So good!

I’d love to know what brands are working in your house for your fam! I’m always looking to improve upon and add to our list of healthy foods and recipes that my kids will actually eat!

Let me know below!

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