Holiday Home Tour + My Fave Christmas Decorating Tips!

November 27, 2018

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Alright, Y’all. It’s officially Christmas time! I’ve had my Christmas decor up for about two weeks, but I just officially finished decorating today! I don’t know about you, but I never get it all up in one day. I like to take my time and tackle it over about a week or so. My decor is never the same as the year before, so there’s a lot of moving things around, choosing which rooms I want to decorate, and recycling older decor for any new pieces I’ve bought!

This year, I changed up the colors on my tree, and I couldn’t be happier with it! I added in these beautiful mauve/pink flowers, and the whole feel of the tree is different now! Definitely more glam than what I had last year. It’s funny how adding in one thing can change the whole look and feel!

I usually keep my color scheme for about 2-3 years before I’m ready for a change. If you like to change things up too, I have some tips for ya, so you’re not spending an arm and a leg each time you want to change it up!

Tip #1: Stick to the same base colors!

So base colors are ones that you can build off of and can add to easily. For instance, my base colors are white and gold, so neutral. I can easily add any pop of color to my decor, and it will always go with the neutral base ornaments I already have! When I decided to change it up and go pink this year, I only had to buy the flowers, and the rest of my ornaments were from last year!

Tip #2: layers for your TREE!

I’m a huge fan of fancy Christmas trees! Maybe because growing up, my grandmother always had trees that looked like they belonged in a magazine! Even her gifts were wrapped liked they were just handed to you from behind the Neiman’s counter! I just love how pretty everything is during Christmas time, so I try to create that same feel with my trees.

With layering, provided you’ve stuck to the same base colors, you’re able to add in new or different colored items without having to buy all new ornaments! Score! You just tuck in the older decorations into the tree and display the newer pieces as your top layer! If you’re like “what?!?” don’t worry. Lol. I’ll try to explain my system below!

I like to start with the lights, of course, then I always do the ribbon next. I usually use chunky linen or felt ribbon in 3-4in widths. Make sure to buy a ribbon that is wired. It’s much easier to work with, and it bends for easy use! There are a ton of techniques that people use for doing ribbon on their trees, but my personal favorite is the waterfall. You start at the top and tuck the end of your ribbon into the tree. Then go down about 12-18in. (depending on how tall your tree is) And create “loops” by tucking the ribbon in and out of the tree until you reach the bottom. I usually do four sections of waterfalls down my tree. Two in the front and one on each side! This creates a neat 3D look and makes your tree pop!

Next, I like to add in the bigger ornaments by tucking them into the tree. This gives your tree depth and eliminates holes! I like to work from the top down with the bigger ornaments so I can make sure they are spaced evenly. This is a great time to tuck in any older ornaments, so you have plenty of space for your newer items!

Then, you just fill it out with your remaining ornaments and add in your new pieces! I like to save the smallest ones for last to put on the tips of the branches! Things like tiny glass ornaments, keepsakes, or unique items go on last so you can make sure they are seen and up front!

It’s not an exact science, but over the years, I’ve perfected a technique that I love 🙂

Tip #3: Recycle old decor!

OK, this is probably gonna be the highlight of this article if you are anything like me! I LOVE Christmas and love to buy a few new decor items every year. So, when it’s time to decorate, I want to display my newer items in the main living space where our tree is. But what the heck do you do with the older stuff or the stuff from a past color scheme that you’ve changed?!?

Last year I started doing a fully decorated guest room! It’s just my older decorations that aren’t being used in the living room anymore! I love to let the kids get into those boxes and set up the guest room for two reasons! One. I need space to think about decorating the main areas and TWO. They love to have their own space to decorate for family members who may be coming to visit! It’s also enjoyable for guests to get to stay in a room decked out for the holidays! This year, we went all out with a wreath, tons of snowmen, and fun pillows for the bed!

Tip #4: Less is More!

Sounds kinda crazy when we’re talking about a Holiday where most people think the complete opposite, but for me, when it comes to decor in general, I’m a less is more kinda girl. Not that I’m into minimalism, but more along the lines of empty spaces don’t bother me I guess. It hasn’t always been this way. I used to not be able to stand to have an empty space in my home. I would fill it with just about anything, so it looked finished. This led to buying pieces I didn’t love, buying things just because, or creating unnecessary clutter in our home. Somewhere along the line, I decided that I wouldn’t do that anymore. That I would only buy things that I absolutely love and would wait to find a piece that really belongs you know?!

The same theory goes for my Christmas decorations. I think when the kids were younger it was fun just to have Christmas everywhere, so that’s understandable if you have itty bitties. But for me, I’ve really tailored it down to a few spaces that are filled with the things we love! I like to concentrate most of my time and energy on our main tree, then the main living spaces like the living room and kitchen. Then I choose 1-2 rooms like the guest room I mentioned earlier! The decor seems to have more of an impact if you condense to just a few areas around your home!

So! These tips work for me, and you may have a completely different outlook on your Holiday decor! It’s all about what works for you and your fam! The most important thing is that however you celebrate, whether that be with a few lights here and there or by turning your home into a Santa’s Wonderland, that you enjoy it, that you LOVE it, and that it brings you peace and happiness this Holiday Season!


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