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April 22, 2021

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Wow! It’s finally done! I’ve spent the last 72 hours knee-deep in closet organization and friends; let me tell ya… it was no easy task! I’ve been neglecting my closet for quite some time now because, well, it’s felt like a lost cause, if I’m honest. I have a semi-custom closet meaning, it has some built-ins, has some shelving, but I didn’t get much input on where those things ended up. I’ve always thought that eventually, down the road, we’d remodel it and fully customize it how I want it. I’ve even had a few quotes to do so. Ehemm… like 10k plus… minimum! Thus, I’ve held off and just let my closet get further and further away from my dream closet. SIGH.

Well, this week was different. I decided to tackle this closet head-on. I thought if I just got in there and focused on closet organization that I’d at least be happier with it in the meantime. Y’all! When I tell you that some simple organization made the biggest difference… it 100% did! I can’t believe how different this space looks now!

Closet Organization on a Budget

So when I first decided to transform my closet this week, I was not thinking of a budget. Honestly, with some of the custom quotes I got, I thought that anything under a few thousand dollars would be a steal. Then I took to IG and got you guys involved with the process and thought it’d be fun if you came up with my budget! I gave y’all three options. Under $1500, Under $1000, and Under $500. I was fully expecting that middle number of $1000, which I was already thinking was gonna be tough! We had lots of votes for $1000, but the winner was, by a landslide, $500! Um… If you’ve been keeping up with this on IG stories, then you know, ya girl was nervous! Lol!

Either way, I was committed at that point so I sat down and mapped out a design via mood board which is below! I was careful to choose retailers that I knew I could get a lot of bang for my buck, like Target and Amazon, and switched my focus from “remodel” to “closet organization!”

What is the best way to organize your closet?

Most people’s closet woes can be solved with just a few simple tweaks. The most important, in my opinion, is organization followed closely by space utilization, and finally, storage. I’m no closet expert, but these all seem to be hot topics when talking with others about their closets, and they were all high priorities for me on my closet organization journey! I’ve outlined a few tips below that I think will help if you decide to take on this project too!

  1. Organization: Bins, boxes, shelving, and drawers. You need them! The more, the merrier IMO. If you have a big budget and are going custom, make sure to build in as many drawers and shelves as you can fit in your space to help with organization. If you have a smaller budget (like I did!), you can get very affordable pre-fab shelving, fabric bins, and boxes!
  2. Space Utilization: Most people have at least some unused or wasted space in their closet, whether be via design flaw or just not knowing what to put in that spot. For me, it was the very top shelves. Too high to reach but looked completely bare and wasted way at the top. This became the perfect spot for my cube bins!
  3. Storage: Once you get all the bins, boxes, and shelving squared away into your space, it’s time to fill them with your stuff. A simple way to think about what to put in them is this. If you don’t want it out on display, put it away! OMG. I swear I just made that up right now! LOL!

How to arrange clothes on a shelf:

There’s no right or wrong way to do this when it comes to closet organization. For me, I separated my tee shirts, denim jeans, denim shorts, and joggers/leggings, then folded them using a rolling technique. Next, I put them into open-top bins to easily see them when I need them! I find that this is a better option than stacking items on top of each other, making it hard to see anything other than what is on top of the stack!

The big reveal!

I am beyond thrilled with my closet organization project and can’t believe what a difference it’s made on how my closet looks and even feels. Simple and thoughtful touches made an enormous difference. Before, I dreaded going into my closet; it was just a reminder of a project that needed to be done but that I had no idea how to tackle. Now, it’s honestly so pretty and organized that I could just hang out in there for hours! I might just start doing more videos from my new closet y’all! I hope y’all like it just as much as I do!

Closet makeover for less than $500

Did I break my budget? Overall I was challenged to spend less than $500. Not including some of the decor items and a chair I brought in from around my home, I was able to pick up everything I needed for $516.90. In total, I came in $16.90 above budget! I was not sure I could do it at this price, but I was able to get everything I needed! Yay!

Cost to makeover closet organization on a budget of $500

Get the look!

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