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July 26, 2018

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Procrastination. It’s a hell of a thing. By definition it means to put off the things we need to do in order to avoid the perceived stress of getting it done.

So. What is perceived stress. I’ll tell you what it is. It’s a mind game. That’s right. It’s literally your brain telling you “Hey, that looks like it could be a tad uncomfortable for you…. So I’m gonna send signals to every part of your body that will make you put this off until… well forever if you let me”!

Now, I’m not knocking your brain. He’s a handy little guy that in most cases, protects you from doing all kinds of stupid things. But… here’s the thing. Humans are hardwired to avoid every type of stress no matter if it is a real danger or just a perceived one.

Yep. Your brain alerts you in the same way if you were about to walk into ongoing traffic, as it would if you were about to try a new workout class, take on a new diet, or speak for the first time in front of a crowd of people.

Even though the only life threatening example above would be getting hit by a speeding car, your brain treats all perceived stress as a no no.

Now, this is both good and bad. Your brain is there to protect you from all kinds of things. But, as you start to experience uncomfortable situations in your life, your brain is taking notes and storing them away for future use.

A never ending archive of the things that make you cringe. Ready to be thrusted into your conscious mind every time you think about doing something even slightly out of your comfort zone.

And here’s the kicker. We all have changes we want and need to make in our lives in order to feel, look, act, be the best version of ourselves. But… those changes lie in a tiny place that our brains are trying desperately to keep us away from. The other side of our comfort zone.


So how do you turn those pesky signals from your brain off and make the leap into your uncomfort zone to grab the things you want??

Well, you can’t completely turn them off, but you can learn how to use the fear, adrenaline, and hesitation that your brain starts pumping through you to your advantage. And here’s how.

It’s a little thing called Excellence versus Perfectionism.

It’s a concept I learned from an elite performance coach and it is solid gold. I’m talking olympians use this stuff to be the greatest athletes in the world.

Now, I’m not saying you need to be an elite athlete. But, what if you could tap into the mindset of an elite athlete. Do you think it could help you grab the things you want in life? Uh. Hell yes it would. The concept is simple.

As soon as you start to reframe your thoughts from I can’t, it will be too hard, I’ll be embarrassed, I won’t be any good at it, I’ll just give up, people will laugh at me, it will hurt, I’ll never finish, the list goes on and on.

Man. that annoying brain of ours sure knows how to pile it on. Huh? Anyway. As soon as we begin to recognize those thought patterns we simply. Stop. and reframe them. I can, it won’t be that hard, it’s not embarrassing, I will learn to be great at it, I’ll never give up, people will be inspired by me, pain is a virtue, I always finish what I start, and so on and so on.

It really is that simple. Now, this concept takes practice just like anything that is worthwhile does. But, the cool thing is you only have to do it once to feel it’s amazing benefits. You will instantly feel an amazing rush of confidence just by saying these words to yourself.

It’s pretty freaking powerful and I can tell you from first hand experience it works. And it works incredibly well. When you get stuck or feel like you need a nudge into your UNCOMFORT ZONE. Remember that everything you desire in life lies just around the corner from where you are now. That the one thing holding you back is that everything has to be perfect to begin. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact. Most successful people will tell you that perfectionism is your brain’s way of keeping you safe. It has manifested this reality that you can’t do things until you are perfectly ready. Knowing full well that you will never be perfectly ready thus keeping you nice and safe in your COMFORT ZONE. When you feel stuck and overwhelmed and are on the verge of giving up on your hopes and dreams remember this.

Excellence versus Perfectionism

Excellence is risk. Perfectionism is fear.

Excellence is effort .Perfectionism is anger and frustration.

Excellence is openness to be wrong. Perfectionism is having to be right.

Excellence is spontaneity. Perfectionism is control.

Excellence is flow. Perfectionism is pressure.

Excellence is confidence. Perfectionism is doubt.

Excellence is journey. Perfectionism is destination.

Excellence is acceptance. Perfectionism is judgment.

Excellence is encouraging. Perfectionism is criticizing.


Cred: The Institute of Sports Performance

Don’t let the fear of getting it wrong stop you from trying to get it right.

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