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Is Instagram SEO the Fastest way to grow in 2022?

In a recent post, I talked all about how to treat Instagram like a search engine, and use keywords to help your ideal audience find you and follow you on the platform! I think it’s pretty exciting to be able to learn new ways for people to find you, so that you can work productively […]

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I’m Tara.
 I'm an influencer strategy expert, the host of Project Influence the Podcast, and the founder of Creator Cube™, a co-creating space for content creators. 
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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s something that we usually associate with blogs, and showing up in Google Search Results. It’s only much more recently that we’ve started to discuss how to use SEO on Instagram, and why using SEO on Instagram is essential for your growth on the platform in 2022.  First […]

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You’re probably here because you’re looking for proven strategies to help you grow on Instagram this year. So much has changed on Instagram in the past few years, both in the way we use the platform and in the ways that you can genuinely grow a loyal and engaged audience. But don’t worry, as a […]

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Are you a Micro-Influencer? Find out in this blog post as I answer your top questions like how many followers a Micro-Influencer has, and how to get brand deals as a Micro-Influencer.

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