7 Tips on Creating a Workout Routine Your Kids will LOVE!


August 15, 2018

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So many people tell me that they don’t have time to workout because they are so busy with their kids. I get it. Kids take up a lot of time. Especially if you have younger children.

But let me tell ya something…. their time requirements only get greater the older they get. With school, extracurricular activities, friends, play dates, sleepovers, sports, and just making sure you are spending quality time with them….

That’s a full time job in itself. So, trust me when I say that thinking that you will be able to carve out more YOU time when they get older is not any more likely in a few years than it is right now. Your best bet is to get them interested in fitness now!

My girls have grown up in a gym. And you know what?!? It’s their favorite place to be. We literally have to pull them out of our gym when it’s time to eat, bathe, do homework, or any other necessity. They love being in the gym, love working out with us, love coming up with fun workouts, but most of all, they love it because WE love it and it connects us as a family.

The more you make it your norm, the more they will start to expect it and actually want to do it with you! Remember…. kids love being active. They crave it! When I’m feeling tired or sluggish I can always count on my sweet girls to say “Mom, can we go do a workout in the gym with you?!”

Um. Yes! Let’s go!!

If you’re not sure how to get this dynamic with your family just yet…. try these seven tips to get your kiddos excited about being active!

  1. Designate a family adventure day! Can be a walk, bike ride, hike, or swim. Something that they can look forward to each week!
  2. Have push up, sit-up, or handstand contests! Keep a log or chart on the fridge to see who’s winning!
  3. Choose 1 family member to make the snacks for your weekly adventure! Then vote who made the healthiest snacks! The winner gets to pick the next adventure!
  4. Races! My kids love these! Pick a course. We usually do a lap around the block. Let the kids choose their method of transportation. Could be on foot, bike, scooter, or the like. Set a timer and have them take turns trying to beat each other’s times! This works great to keep them busy if you want to get your work out in solo!
  5. Make protein smoothies after a workout together! Kids love making smoothies so if it’s challenging to get them active you can promise smoothies after!
  6. Challenges for good grades! In our house, for every A on a report card myself or my husband has to do 10 burpees! Eek! Not to brag but my kiddos are little einsteins. I have to do a lot of burpees!
  7. If all else fails. Do a workout with them! These are the best! You can just see their little faces light up when they get to do a grown up workout!

Try this quick routine with them! Guaranteed to give you a good sweat sesh too:

  • 3 rounds
  • 5 push-ups (Can be done from your knees or to a box or a bench!)
  • 10 air squats (Try sitting in an imaginary chair. When you hit the imaginary seat- change directions and stand back up!)
  • 15 sit-ups (Butterfly or straight leg versions are both great options!)
  • 20 burpees (Can be gymnastics style or military style!)

** Remember to scale rounds and reps to accommodate all fitness levels!

My kiddos love this one! Mostly because they can beat me! Kids move quick! Make sure you are teaching proper form and how moving correctly is better than moving fast! This is a great workout to do anywhere because you just need your own body weight!

Give it a shot with your kiddos and let me know how you enjoy incorporating fitness into your family routine!

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  1. Pammy says:

    Love the tips on getting the kiddos in on the working out and fitness journey!

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  3. […] an adventure. Kids love being active as long as they are doing something they enjoy, according to Tara Carr. If they are excited about it, they will do it. You can create family adventures built around […]

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