Saving For My Little Family with Green Dot Bank

October 2, 2019

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Having daughters is one of our greatest joys in life.

It’s also one of our biggest expenses. LOL. There is just no other way to slice it. Kids, in general, are expensive. Between gymnastics tuition, softball dues, sports camps, regular camps, uniforms, practice uniforms, travel to meets and games and let’s not forget all the clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair stuff and…well, you get it. Kids want and need a lot of things! I lovingly call my girls my two little broke best friends. LOL. They’re a ton of fun but never have any money you know! 🙂

All jokes aside.

We do enjoy giving them the things that they love. We’re able to give them opportunities with sports and academics that Matt and I didn’t have growing up. We do, however, know that as important as it to us to give them opportunities in life, it’s also very important to save for their futures. It won’t be long before they need cars, college tuition, and weddings! Yikes. I really hope the wedding thing is super far away!

One way that we’re able to start putting money away for the girls is by using the Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account from Green Dot Bank!

They help us save by using their own money to give us 3% cash back bonuses on qualifying online and in-app purchases! I don’t know about you but when I can save money without having to do anything other than the things I already do… that’s a big YES in my book!

For us, it’s about finding ways to save that work with our already full and busy lives.

It’s about taking advantage of a saving plan that is working for us behind the scenes. Knowing that a little bit is getting stored away each time I use my Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account from Green Dot Bank gives me a little peace of mind and gives me a bit of satisfaction. I know how much my daughters’ futures mean to me and I love that a bank is helping me save for the things #worthsavingfor.

Thank you to Green Dot Bank for sponsoring this post. 

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