One Casual Outfit with 3 Different Hair Styles


August 23, 2018

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I’m so stinking excited to have this blog and to be able to share my life with you! I’m even more excited to share fashion and beauty with all of you busy moms who are always on the run like me!

Back in the day, before kids and before getting super into fitness, I was a huge style junky! I LOVED clothes, and shoes, and jewelry, and makeup, and spent tons time in front of the mirror playing with different hair styles! I loved it all!

But… enter kids, enter life, enter immersing myself into working out, and that all equalled very little time for playing dress up or for spending time getting ready anymore. Or so I told myself.

The truth is, I never actually stopped wanting to wear pretty clothes or wanting to spend time fixing my hair and makeup but I’d convinced myself that moms don’t have time to dress up. There was literally a four year chunk of my life that I don’t think I wore anything else other than spandex. I mean… it was the cute spandex from lululemon but still! ALL the spandex all the time!

But here’s the thing… A while ago I decided that I would do something for myself. That I would commit to getting dressed and fixing myself up… at least during the week! That means putting on actual clothes after I workout. I know, I know, I can hear your eyes rolling right now… and I am in no way saying that everyone should or has to do this. But for me, it was and is important to embrace all the sides of me.

I love fitness and working out but that doesn’t mean I should never do my hair or my makeup. I am a mom and have a crap load of mom things to do, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t spend a few minutes putting myself together before doing mom stuff.

And… to be completely transparent, when I say a few minutes…. I mean a FEW! The outfits that I wear are simple and cute and are multi functional. The hairstyles that I do are easy to figure out and don’t take a long time to do… because who has time for that! Am I right? My makeup routine is also fast and easy. 

My hope with sharing my fashion and style choices with you is that you will be inspired to dress in a way that makes YOU feel fantastic! If that’s jeans and a cool tee, do that! If it’s lulu crops and a tank… definitely do that too. Your personal style should do one thing and one thing only for you, make you feel amazingly beautiful!

With that being said, welcome to our new style series where I will be sharing my outfits, hairstyle and makeup with you! Remember that each outfit can be simply modified to go from meet the teacher to coffee with a friend, to a live stream or a business meeting! Unless your business meetings require suits and stuff… I don’t wear suits. Not against them but my work attire is a little more laid back! Ya feel? 🙂

So let’s get started on one casual outfit with three different hair styles:



It’s always fun to try something new and fun for a night out with the girls! This top knot it so stinkin easy and I promise anyone can do it! You can wear this style with curls or straight hair. It’s looks amazing either way!



Change out those (pumps, mules, booties) for some converse because what mom wants to chase after her kids in heels, am I right? Nobody has time for that and your feet won’t be happy with you.

Did you wake up and your hair is a little greasy but your kids are running late and you have a million things on your to-do list? No worries just throw a hat on and you’ll be on your way!



Ah date night! Let you hair down and do some sleek curls to add to your casual outfit. Check out this wand from L’Ange.


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