Monthly Rewind: Carr Family Update, Vol 1

Carr Family Update, Vol 1

October 4, 2018

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Carr Family Update, Vol 1[one_half padding=”0 0px 0 2px”]Carr Family Update, Vol 1[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 2px 0 2px”]Carr Family Update, Vol 1[/one_half_last]

Carr Family Update, Vol 1[one_half padding=”0 2px 0 2px”]Carr Family Update, Vol 1[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 2px 0 2px”]Carr Family Update, Vol 1[/one_half_last]

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Oh my gosh! I feel like so much has happened over the last month! Obviously, the biggest thing for me has been the launch of TaraCarr.Com! I’d be lying if I told you it has been easy peasy getting this thing off the ground, but it has been very rewarding to see all the positivity, feedback, and encouragement from all of you who read my stories and comment on my posts! I really do appreciate it so very much!

Having my own little piece of internet real estate has been a dream of mine for so long and I’m so happy that I’m finally able to share my life with you through this blog! I sincerely hope that just by being here you feel inspired, encouraged, and supported to live your best life, on your terms, and with tons of love and laughter… OH, and also in a super cute outfit! 😉

OK… so enough about me! Let’s talk about my FAM!


If you’re new here, Rylee is my oldest! She turned 10 this month and for the first time ever I actually feel like she’s on her way to becoming a teenager… You know when you look at your baby and suddenly realize that she’s not a baby anymore?? UGH. Why do they have to grow?!?

She’s always been mature for her age, but for some reason, now, she’s like a little adult. I guess it’s just the double digits, or maybe it’s the fact that she’s a full-time competitive gymnast and trains 31 hours a week with her team, but I’m definitely feeling like she’s all grown up!

Besides me having a mid-life crisis over her growing up, we are obviously extremely proud of her dedication and commitment to her sport! She’s been a competitive gymnast for 5 years now, and while the road has been a tough one, she’s really starting to see the payoffs of all of her hard work and sacrifice!

We are all really looking forward to her upcoming season! She has meets this year in the Bahamas, Atlantic City, and Ohio! This is a big deal Y’all for a 10-year-old! She’ s so excited to get to fly to her competitions this year! Such a fun and exciting time for Rylee bug! :)) See, I can keep her little forever if I keep calling her Rylee bug! 🙂


Little miss firecracker… AKA Ava Rose! OH, my Ava, where do I even begin with this little girl! She’s 8, she LOVES her mama, and she knows exactly what she wants to be when she grows up. She’s going to have a three-story bakery in New York City where she specializes in a different sweet treat on each level of said bakery!

Unlike Rylee, besides the whole bakery thing, she has zero intentions of growing up for real. Lol! She asks us quite frequently to make sure we remember to purchase the 5,000 square foot house next door so that she can use it as her playhouse for now, until she’s old enough, of course, to live there full time, in which case she will do that until she’s 100! She definitely keeps us on our toes and laughing! Like her sister, she was also a gymnast, but after one season of competitive meets, she decided that all that conditioning was no Bueno!

We’re an active family, and while playing sports is not a requirement, we did encourage her to find something she enjoyed to keep her active. She decided to try out for the softball team which made Matt very happy! He was a baseball player growing up, and I think he really LOVES getting to play catch with her and show her the ropes! We’ve really enjoyed watching her play! She’s quite good! I played softball in high school too, so we’ll say she gets her talent from me! LOL.


Hmm… what to say about Matthew?!? He’s our keep it all together guy, always makes us laugh guy, and our voice of reason when the the three of us girls have our heads in the clouds. Lol. I think he’s just getting used to this blogging thing, and while he could probably live without having to take 102 thousand pictures, I know he’s excited for me and always supports me 100%. If you follow me on my social channels then you know that Matt travels all over the world for his business! He’s been traveling quite a bit lately, so we’re excited to have him home for a whole month in December. With his work, he sometimes misses holidays, so the girls and I are so happy to have him home for Christmas this year as well as a few upcoming trips!!


We have some exciting travel coming up in the next few months! I have a solo trip to San Diego at the end of the month for a conference, so be sure to keep an eye out for my blog on my San Diego trip! Then I’m off to Miami for the Create and Cultivate conference! So excited for this and I’ll definitely be blogging about this trip as well!

Next we’re all headed to the Bahamas in early December for Rylee’s competition and then off to Colorado for Christmas!! Busy times but I’m so excited for everything that’s in store for us!

  • October: San Diego! ????
  • December: Miami! ????
  • December: Bahamas! ????
  • December: Colorado! ❄️

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xx Tara

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