A Busy Mom’s Morning Beauty Routine

August 21, 2018

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To give you a bit of a backstory here, I used to be super lazy about my skin regimen. I was blessed with pretty clear skin so I never really paid much attention to skin care and thought it didn’t really apply to me.

Well…. I’m now 34. That’s one year from 35 if you’re counting and I really couldn’t afford to skip this step for very much longer. That said, I’m still a firm believer in simplicity and absolutely do not have time for long and/or complicated skin care routines!

My Beauty Routine

I’ve been using Joyome by Plexus for about 6 months and am in LOVE with the results! It’s a simple two step system (day serum + night serum!) that’s it! So easy! I love that it is plant based, has zero harmful ingredients, and utilizes topical probiotics to combat aging, cell degeneration, and collagen loss! Amazing y’all!

With Joyome, the only other thing you will need is a cleanser and whatever you like to use for your SPF! I’ve been obsessed with the Deep Clean Cleanser by Tatcha! It’s a Japanese product that utilizes a fruit extract to clean pores, generate cell turnover, and tighten and smooth your skin! I just wash my face daily with this then pop on my day time Joyome serum!

Joyome does not have s SPF in it, so my next step is my fave skin tone correcting moisturizer from Clinique. It’s light, non greasy, has no parabens, phthalates, or fragrance, and is loaded with SPF 20! Do not go a day without it y’all!

Now for my everyday makeup must haves. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that simple is my jam. Like, if it can’t be done if 5 minutes I ain’t doing it lol. I do, however do a full face of makeup for photoshoots or special events but I usually have my MUA, Ursula do that for me because let’s be honest, she’s way better at it than me and she knows how to create the exact right look that I’m going for!! But…. all glammed up is not the norm! 9 days out of 10 It’s just me and little my makeup bag and we gotta get it done solo!

I’ve tried a ton of things over the years and I’ve settled on a few products that I love and use everyday! I love them because they transition well, meaning I can do a little or a lot with them depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing!

First thing I do after my clinique moisturizer with SPF is use a tinted, color correcting, under eye concealer to just even everything out and give me a fresh canvas to work with! I LOVE this one from MAC but really anyone will do that is a tad lighter than your skin tone!

Next I use this Daniel Sandler sculpt and slim contouring powder around my cheekbones, my forehead, and my jaw line! I use the lighter color down the bridge of my nose and on top of my cheek bones for some highlight!

I follow that up with MY fave liquid watercolor blush from Daniel Sandler! I use the color Passion, but really they are all so good! Just depends on your skin tone and how pink you like your blush!

Next I use my complexion FIX color corrector concealer by Veil Cosmetics! This stuff is life Y’all! It in a pen so it paints on and you can totally just rub it in with your fingers! It turns to a powder finish and is amazing!! I use the “light” color!

Some days I use my Too Faced Peachy Pallet for my eyeshadow and on other days when I’m in a hurry I just use the darker color of my sculpt and slim contour powder on my lids below the crease. This just gives some depth to your eyes and helps them stand out a tad more! BUT! I love my peachy palette from Too Faced! I’m obsessed with the two colors Luscious and Cobbler!!

Alright! Last few steps here and we’re out the door! I LOVE my Better Than Sex mascara! It’s a game changer y’all! I’ve tried just about every mascara there is and I keep coming back to this one! It goes on smooth, does not clump, and gives you dark, full, and luscious lashes with just 1 or 2 coats!! Can’t get better than that without falsies or extensions! They also make a waterproof version if you’re into that!

Last but not least is my FAVE lippy! I have been in LOVE with a nude lip since nude lips became a thing! Don’t get me wrong, I love a bright fun red lip too, but for everyday, nude is the way to go! I can’t live without my Anastasia matte lip gloss yall! It literally stays all day!! My two fave colors are Butterscotch and Pure Hollywood! You can snag them in this cute duo from Nordstrom!


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