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April 1, 2021

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I love a good go-to outfit and this is definitely one of mine. As you’ve probably noticed by now, being comfy is my jam.

I mean I love a good pair of heels but 99.99% of the time you’re gonna catch me in some version of the outfit above. Denim cut-offs, a cute tee, some sort of top layer, like a shacket, cardigan, or sweater, and comfy sneaks. Throw on some sunnies and jewelry and you’re good to go!

Another fun fact about my wardrobe is that if you walked in my closet you would find lots of splurges but also lots of affordable “steal” worthy pieces. I love a good designer bag and will gladly spend the money on high-quality staple pieces… but also have no problem snagging $15 sunnies from Amazon or a $9.99 dress from Walmart.

It’s all about balance, what looks good to you and on you, and where you find value spending your money!

Breaking Down The Look!

Let’s start with the sunnies! I’m a huge fan of Quay and have several pairs. However, if you’re the girl who constantly loses or breaks her glasses… girl, get the $15 Amazon ones! They’re practically identical.

Next up is the plaid Shacket. This one I 100% say go for the steal option. The quality is amazing and honestly, I love the pattern on it better than the $98 one from Revolve. Also, the “steal” option is from an amazing local boutique called August Blush. I’m such a fan of supporting small and local businesses and will always do my best to do so! If you do decide to snag this piece, be sure to use code TARA15 at checkout to save even more!

Next is the black tee. The splurge option is Frame and I got it from Nordstrom. Not gonna lie, it’s a really good tee. However, I found the “Save” option also at Nordstrom and I think it’s a great alternative if you don’t wanna spend $85 on a tee. the neckline is a tad different but the less expensive tee has shoulder pads which are making a huge comeback right now and give the illusion of a smaller waist too… so that’s a plus!

Moving on to the bag! So, this is gonna be one of those things that you either do buy designer bags, or you don’t. I personally do because I enjoy collecting them, and they are things I want to give to my daughters one day. However, I certainly understand why some people are against buying or owning very expensive purses. To each their own, I say! I do love finding look-alikes for y’all, though. The “steal” bag is very similar in material, style and has the chain detail, which is fun. And. $248 is way more budget-friendly than the YSL option!

Next up are the denim shorts. So here’s my take on denim. I usually do splurge on denim because quality denim can seriously last for years if you take care of it. The Agolde Parker Shorts are pretty awesome. Great quality and the fit is always spot on. But, if the price tag is turning you away, the Abercrombie 90’s high Rise cut-offs are a solid alternative. I actually have both pairs and reach for them equally!

Alright, last but not least is the infamous Golden Goose Sneakers. Y’all. I very rarely say things like “you need” or “you should” but if you have been on the fence about splurging on some GG’s and you have some money burning a hole in your pocket.. (and you are wanting to spend that money on shoes! lol!) then Golden Goose sneaks are a great investment IMO. You won’t find a more comfortable sneaker that lasts as long as these. They also will not go out of style anytime soon so you can wear them for a long time! That said, if you just can’t bring yourself to fork over $500 for sneaks ( I get it… it’s a lot!) then Sam Edelman makes a great lookalike for a lot less! You can get the same style for under $100 and I promise your fit will look just as cute!

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