How to Pitch Brand Partnerships Using a Template

February 25, 2022

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Let me tell you about the secret weapon that experienced influencers use to pitch brands for partnerships – the pitch deck.

A pitch deck is essentially a presentation that you (an influencer or content creator) make showcasing your brand, your metrics, your audience, and what you can do for them aka content ideas, past partnership performance, photo examples, etc. And, it’s *not* exactly the best-kept secret in the world – I even offer a pitch deck template to help influencers land their first paid brand deal. 

The perfect pitch deck includes the basics but goes above and beyond to connect with your potential partner. Here’s what you need to know:

Influencer Marketing Strategies & Your Pitch Deck

Both big and small brands have influencers pitching to them DAILY, the goal is to stand out and showcase why you are the best fit for them. This is why your pitch deck is essential in your influencer marketing strategy – and that’s exactly what it is, your MARKETING strategy. You’re marketing yourself to your dream brand partnerships. 

Pitch decks and pitch deck templates are what make pitching to 20 brands in a day feasible. You’ll be able to easily change and edit the information to fit the brand you’re pitching, customize your pitch ideas, and swap your images to something more in line with their offers. 

Influencer pitch deck tips when pitching creative ideas to brands.

Your pitch deck shouldn’t be too long, but should also include the necessities of what a professional brand uses to market to their audience. This includes your:

  • Audience demographics
  • Introduction & greeting
  • Short biography about you (and your brand)
  • At least three creative concepts for the brand to consider

I like to share potential blog titles like “2022 Beauty Resolutions with Ulta Beauty” that I created in January of 2022. This helps the brand visualize what you can create for them!!

What’s the Difference Between a Pitch Deck and Media Kit?

While both a pitch deck and media kit are necessities in any successful influencer marketing strategy, they serve different – but similar – purposes when working with brands. Media kits consist of most of the same information found in your pitch deck but without the brand-specific portions. This means that you don’t include creative concepts and don’t specifically mention the brand. Media kits should be able to be downloaded by any brand that has an interest in working with you.

To keep it simple, pitch decks are best when you’re pitching the partnership with the brand while media kits are best when brands are reaching out to work with you. Of course, you can still use a pitch deck, but a media kit allows for a quicker response.

The Pros & Cons of Influencer Pitch Deck Templates

I’ve mentioned (a few times) influencer pitch deck templates and the reason why is because I use one too. I created my own template to use when pitching to brands to make my life easier and streamline my processes – and it worked. It’s helped me land brand partnerships throughout the year, pitch to multiple brands at once, and scale my business as an influencer and content creator. 

Now, you’ll hear that templates are not always the way to go and I understand that different influencers have different views, but, as an influencer myself, I always recommend templates. Why? A well-built template is going to have what it takes to attract your ideal brand partner and be easily customizable to match your brand. It won’t feel like a template, it’ll just feel like your pitch deck. I kept this in mind when creating a downloadable, fully editable template of my own for others to use:

Tara Carr influencer pitch deck template to use for brand partnerships.

How to Use Your Influencer Pitch Deck Template:

If you choose to go the template route, after downloading it from my shop (takes less than 5 minutes) you’ll be prompted to make a copy in your personal Canva account. Then, all you have to do is drag and drop your own photos and update the stats to your own!

Page three is where you’ll get to showcase your creative pitch ideas – for example, the beauty resolutions blog I mentioned earlier. If you already have similar blog posts you’ll want to link to those too. You can even drag and drop a photo from your blog post to your pitch deck and it’ll link it directly! If you’re comfortable, I would also pitch a reel to go with your blog post (and link a similar one here too). Finally, in the far-right phone frame, you may want to drop a static photo to showcase a photo that relates to the brand/product/niche that you’re pitching to!

Be sure to give specific examples of what you want to create so the brand can visualize what you can do for them! You can snag my brand pitch template here for only $19!

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