Fitness Gear for the New Year

Fitness Gear for the 2022 New Year

January 14, 2022

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Fitness Gear for the 2022 New Year

Have you ever heard the saying “look good, feel good?” – well, I have and I 100% believe it’s true! Just from putting on a fresh outfit rather than chilling in my pajamas, I can feel the difference in my confidence, motivation, and I’m in an all-around better mood. The same goes for our health & fitness goals this year – we might not get em’ done 100%, but just taking a step forward helps us feel SO much better.

My go-to? A fresh fitness look, aka my fitness gear for the New Year! I’ve always been a girl to weigh my options (you know, save vs. splurge on good fitness gear), but this year, I’m playing the part, feeling the part, and looking the part of a mama that’s gonna achieve her fitness goals!

My Top Fitness Picks:

Okay – there’s sports bras, athletic shorts, sweaters, joggers, water bottles… the whole deal. But, I can’t pick everything (no matter how much I want to), so here are my top picks:

Psssttt…. You can shop my faves (and these picks) on my LTK here.

Women fitness gear for the 2022 new year

Getting Back Into My Health & Fitness Routine

Let’s be honest, clothes are just one aspect of building confidence and getting back into (or starting) our health & fitness routines. No matter how much we wanna believe it – yes, me too – a new set of fitness gear isn’t going to change all my bad habits from the past year. But, it IS a starting point and is a pretty good reason for me to justify getting into it. 

Mainly, I focus on how I’m going to feel after getting back into my routines. I really got into my fitness routine when we built our home gym on a budget. Before that, I was incorporating healthy meals and smoothies into my daily routines. 

Overall, our motivation to stick with it and create those healthy habits/routines can be boosted with a few new fitness fits – but, it won’t sustain motivation long-term. We have to bring that motivation from within to keep it going.

Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Healthy Habits

How to stay motivated when keeping up your healthy habits and routines in the 2022 new year.

Staying motivated is easier said than done, it truly is something you need to work towards and build up rather than something that just “appears.” Here’s how I stay motivated and sustain my healthy habits and routines through the year:

  • Working out with friends! Even if we’re not physically together while working out, keeping in touch and communicating what we’ve done that day a great way to keep each other accountable and feel accomplished
  • Communicate with your spouse or partner! You might want to switch up your eating habits – which might change up your grocery shopping or dinner plans. Share with your spouse or partner what you’re trying to do and why.
  • Keep a habit tracker. You can find an app for your phone or keep a journal of your habits! This is a great option if you don’t have friends or family interested in being your accountability partner. 
  • Hype yourself up. It is soooo easy to fall out of it and sooo hard to get back into it. Sometimes you just need to be your own hype girl to remind yourself why you’re doing it! More into affirmations and mindset? Try listening to a podcast or reading a book to keep yourself motivated

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