A Day in the Life of an Influencer

March 28, 2022

I’m Tara.
 I'm an influencer strategy expert, the host of Project Influence the Podcast, and the founder of Creator Cube™, a co-creating space for content creators. 
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While I start my day off with my usual morning routines, my day goes beyond waking up and setting intentions. You’d be surprised, but being a content creator and influencer takes up most of my late – morning and early afternoon. I juggle this with being a mom, taking care of myself, and spending time with my husband.

Balance is crucial for an influencer, it is so easy for your content creation to take over your life. You don’t need to follow my schedule exactly or even use the tools I use – these are just what I’ve found work best for me. 

Here’s an inside look at a day in my life as an influencer:

What Does a Day in the Life of an Influencer Look Like?

Lots of self-care, spending time with family, and content creation! Here’s what my daily schedule/routine looks like:

A day in the life of an Instagram influencer and content creator in 2022.

There are multiple reasons I prioritize myself at the beginning of the day – one of which is that it leads to more productive mornings rather than “killing time” or checking

your phone. And, as a lifestyle and fashion blogger/influencer, I needed to make sure I have the personal experience to create content with. That meant I needed to ensure that I was working out before I created content around working out – or that I actually HAVE a productive morning routine before blogging about a morning routine.

Self-Care Mondays

Mondays are my self-care days – I make ALL my appointments on Mondays. Nails, hair, lashes, lunch with a friend. If possible, it all goes on Monday!

Content Creation

When I put content creation on my schedule, it means a lot more than just photo and video shoots! This is also when I’m on my Instagram stories sharing about my day, stuff I love, and other things that keep my followers up to date on my latest offers and deals.

I’m posting multiple times throughout the day and all through the week.

What Do I Use to Stay Organized During the Week?

I’m not alone in my work, I have a team and tools that I love. For example, my go-to organization tool is Asana! Asana is home to all of the tasks, information, and workflows that I use as an influencer including my affiliate information, pitch schedule, and more. While I don’t have them separately, you can get access to my exact templates The Influencer Blueprint.

Here are other tools I use daily to save time:

Canva Pro

We use Canva to design and house all of my graphics for, my website, as well as my courses and digital products! It makes creating graphics quick and easy for my team!


We use flodesk to create and send emails to my community to keep everyone in the know with what’s going on at Tara Carr Companies! Flodesk makes it super easy to keep all of our customers and community members organized and in one place!

Looking for more influencer tips and tricks? Join our community on Pinterest and stay up to date on our latest content helping you work from home and get paid what you’re worth!

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