5 Lessons I Want to Teach My Daughters About Self-Love and Body Image

May 16, 2019

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Hey there! Today I wanted to switch it up a bit and share some #realtalk with you. It’s always been my intention to use this space to write about all the things that are on my mind, but sometimes I feel like, if I’m not careful, I can kinda lose sight of that.

It’s easy to write and share about fashion or beauty or the next hot-list item I think you will love, but the truth is, that stuff is my job. A really fun and enjoyable part of my job, but a job nonetheless. Behind the blogs, behind the camera and the clothes, behind the makeup and Instagram posts, I’m a mom. A mom to two young ladies and their biggest role model. Being their mom is my greatest joy, my biggest accomplishment, and a role that I never want to take for granted.

So, with that, I want to share with you five lessons on self-love and body image that I want to instill in my daughters. And — if I’m being completely honest — these are lessons that I’m still trying to ingrain in myself. I don’t think anyone is ever immune from feelings of not being good enough. All you can do is recognize it and use the reminders below to move through it. The more we move through and past it as moms… the better we’ll be at teaching our daughters to do the same.



If I want my daughters to know anything at all about self-worth and body image, it’s these five things:


  1. No one is perfect, no matter WHAT! We see the most beautiful celebrities using wrinkle creams and surgical procedures. Why? Because despite the glitz and glam they are human — made exactly the way you and I are – and they are flawed. No one can defy age or science and we are all created perfectly imperfect.
  2. The girl whose hair or car or status you admire is admiring someone else’s clothes, home life, or grades. When you find yourself wishing you had what someone else has, remember that she is doing the exact same thing too… quite possibly about something you are totally taking for granted. Count your blessings, tell people when you admire things in them, and try really hard to not get caught up in what you think you lack… I promise — no one sees what you think you lack more than you!
  3. Positive self-talk is the key to self-love! Be kind to yourself even when no one can hear the commentary except you! It may seem silly to talk yourself up in your head, but is it any more silly than talking down to yourself? Try taking notice of the things that you say to yourself when you have a bad hair day or you can’t find a thing to wear in your closet. Are they nice? Are they kind? I bet not. Now change it! What if a friend called and said “Ugh… I can’t deal with my hair today. It literally won’t do a thing!” What would you say? What sort of advice would you offer? Is it nice? Is It kind? Is it helpful? I bet it is. This is the commentary that you should have with YOURSELF!
  4. There is nothing wrong with self-improvement. Makeup, hair color, nail polish, and clothes are all forms of self-expression. Express yourself however you like! Do it, though, because you love yourself enough to shine bright, not because you aren’t okay with who and what you see in the mirror. And while we’re on the subject of mirrors. Mirrors are funny in that they tend to show us what we want to see. How you feel about yourself has way more to do with what you see in the mirror than what is actually there.
  5. Your body is capable of so many wonderful things. LOVE, take care of, and cherish it for all it has given to you! Do this and it will never give you a reason to want to exchange it for someone else’s. When we don’t feel good in our own skin it usually means we aren’t loving our body the way it should be loved. Recognize this and change it. This tip can go in any direction you that you like, but it all comes down to respecting your body, being thankful for all it allows you to do, and never losing sight of the fact that you are uniquely you and that is your greatest power.

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