5 Easy Superbowl Party Snacks!

5 Easy Superbowl Party Snacks!

January 25, 2019

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Are you ready for some football?!? Ahhhh! I had to! OK, OK, let’s talk Super Bowl parties! Whether you’re a T Brady fan or a Rams fan there’s no denying that Super Bowl Parties are FUN no matter who wins! Well… unless you’re super invested in the outcome and let that whole winner-loser thing get to ya! As for me… I’m just here for the snacks. Ya feel! 😉

I thought it would be fun to share some easy game day snacks with you today! These snacks are gonna have a few things in common!

  1. Everyone will LOVE them. and
  2. They will take exactly 2 seconds to prepare.

Why? Because elaborate spreads are cool in all but ain’t nobody got time for that! LOL. I need my parties to have minimal setup time so I can enjoy myself with the rest of my friends and fam!

OK! Here we go!

  • #1: Chicken & Waffle Sliders! Y’all this sounds crazy but it’s so easy and I promise EVERYONE will love them! All you do is grab some Eggo mini’s from the freezer section of the grocery store + Chick Fil’ nuggets! You can find some festive toothpicks from Party City and you just assemble like a slider! Two mini waffles + One nugget between them! Secure with the toothpick and serve on a platter! Yay!
  • #2: Frito Pies! OK, so Matt is obsessed with Frito pie! Like, we served it at our daughter’s first birthday party obsessed! It was a hit then and will totally be a hit at your Super Bowl Party too! Here’s the kicker! You serve the pies in the Frito bag! Say what!?! This is old school Y’all but if you’ve ever been to a little league ballpark then you’ve likely seen this awesomeness! All you do is buy the mini bags of Fritos, then turn them sideways to cut the sides off leaving the perfect pouch to add your toppings! You can add chili, cheese, onions, mustard, or whatever floats your boat! To make it easy you could keep the chili warm in a crockpot and chop all the toppings to have out on a self serve bar! When people are done they throw the whole thing away! No mess no stress girl! #SCORE! Pun intended. 😉
  • #3: Buffalo Chicken Meatballs! These are fun and will go quickly so make a bunch if you want them to last! All you do is combine 1 lb ground chicken, 1 cup bread crumbs, 1 tsp celery salt, 1 tsp onion powder, and 1tsp ground pepper! the mixture should be enough to make 20 – 1 to 1 1/2 in. meatballs. Just roll with your hands and place on a parchment lined baking sheet! Then pop into a 400-degree oven for about 5 minutes to get the outsides browned and a little firm! Next, just put them in a slow-cooker, cover with your fave hot sauce (I’m a Franks girl!) and let them slow cook on low for about two hours! Once done you can add skewers or sticks for easy grabbing! Drizzle with blue cheese dressing and serve! So easy Y’all!
  • #4 Team Themed Popcorn! OK, you know I had to throw some salty and sweet in the mix right?!? This is so easy and your guests will think you are so creative! Grab some team themed cups from a party store. You can do both teams if you have fans of both or just one if your party is rooting for one team only! Whichever you choose you also grab a bag of m&m’s and pull out the colors that go with the teams! You can set this up as a serve yourself bar where people grab the cup of their choice, fill it with popcorn, and then top it with the corresponding m&m’s! You can get creative with it and add other toppings if you like, or try different types of popcorn like caramel, cheddar, or kettle corn! YUM!
  • #5 Super Bowl Mary Bar! Alright, Y’all. Last but not least, you know I had to get a cocktail on the list! If we hang out if real life then you KNOW I am a Bloody Mary girl through and through. Football parties tend to serve beer usually, and while I love me a good beer, you just can’t go wrong with a bloody mary! To make a Mary bar it’s really so simple! All you need is Vodka. I’m a huge fan of Titos! Then you lay out anything and everything that someone might want in their Mary! Anything goes Y’all! Here’s a list to get you started! Mary mix, limes, celery, salt, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, pickles, pickled onions, pickled okra, bacon, horseradish, pepper, even grilled cheese sandwiches can make an appearance! If it sounds good it can go in your Mary! Think of it like a meal in a cup! But with Vodka of course! 🙂

Alright! There you have folks! Five super easy, keep ya outta the kitchen and watching the game, make your guest love you, and turn you into the hostess with mostess… Super Bowl Snacks! Enjoy Babes!



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